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Razz(ラズ)- S507

カラー クローム

ダブ・スカートシリーズ ラズ - S507


22" to 32". Platinum "Stunnrz" shown are available in 24", 26", and 28".

DUB Skits are available from 22" - 32" with custom finishing options.

NEW DUB "Stunnrz" Skirts (shown) come standard with our new 2-piece staggered directional base wheel, the Dazed. "Stunnrz" are available in the following staggered sizes and specs: 
- 24x9, 24x9, 26x9, 26x10, 28x9, and 28x10. 
Lip Sizes:
- Front (9" wide): 3"
- Rear (10" wide): 5.5"
The Dazed base wheel features our lower profile bearing housing that is interchangeable with the Dazed covered cap for multiple applications, giving you the option: to spin or not to spin...

Please see "Tech Info" >>> "Spin Tech" for more details and sizing options on our new "Stunnrz". 

All style available in our new "Stunnrz" configurations.


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